strawberry blond sunflowers

You Can Get Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers That Resemble Mini Sunsets

Strawberry blond sunflowers are much the perfect flower to grow this summer, for constant beauty that looks like a miniature sunset.

Common sunflowers, scientifically known as Helianthus annuus, are beautiful on their own, but little did you know just how many varieties there are. Among them is the strawberry blond sunflower, which BurpeeGardens has dubbed as the first rose-pink sunflower. Fair warning: You just might want to fill your entire garden with them.

If you’re looking for unique flowers to add to your garden then you really need to get these Strawberry Blond Sunflowers. I love their firey look, similar to the inferno-resembling flame lily.

Considered as one of the mesmerizing varieties of sunflowers, these flowers feature shades of pink, burgundy and yellow. If common sunflowers embody the color of the sun in all its glory, this particular variety of colored sunflowers epitomize sunset.

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Recently, the popularity of the sunflower as a garden flower has skyrocketed and it’s easy to see why.

Aside from its vibrant yellow color, its remarkable behavior of following the movement of the sun also makes it special. Additionally, these flowers provide food for birds as well as tasty seeds for people. Not to mention, they also re-seed easily. There are more than 70 varieties of sunflowers. Among these beautiful cultivars, there’s one that’s quickly becoming a garden trend. The Strawberry Blond Sunflower.

strawberry blond sunflowers

The sunflower feature pink and burgundy colors, as well as hints of yellow, around the dark disk.

The petals fade into yellow shades as they move away from the center. It almost looks like a sunset bursting from every flower.

Growing strawberry blond sunflowers

After planting the seeds in the soil, it will take about 2 or 3 months for the Strawberry Blond Sunflowers to reach their full height, reports Diply. The flower’s bloom can last anywhere from 55 to 100 days. Many factors determine the length of the flower’s bloom, including weather conditions, quality of soil, and the individual flower itself.

In terms of upkeep, experts recommend supporting Strawberry Blond Sunflowers with wooden dowels so that the stems are not harmed by strong winds. Wooden dowel supports will also encourage growth, making your flowers all the more magnificent.          

In the end, the Strawberry Blond Sunflower is a beautiful spring flower that will surely brighten up your home and your day. Gardening itself is a great form of escapism from the troubled state of the world. There is nothing better than stepping into your backyard and working to make your home all the more beautiful.

red and yellow sunflower

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to fill my garden with these lovely sunset-colored flowers. We all need something to brighten up our day, and something with the word “sun” right in it certainly has to be a good choice.

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