rainbow succulents

Rainbow Succulents Bring A Magical Burst Of Color To Your Garden

It’s not every day you see a plant that encompasses all the colors of the rainbow, but these rainbow succulents get pretty close.

Colorful, bold, and at times downright odd, succulents are the ideal houseplants for those who are looking to choose something easy to care for, and lovely to look at.

For those who don’t have a self-proclaimed ‘”green thumb” or for anyone living in a smaller space with limited light, succulents offer beauty, versatility, and convenience as a plant companion. They don’t need too much care, attention, or water in order to survive and thrive, and they’ll add a lovely low-maintenance addition to any room.

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rainbow succulent

Succulents are a family of drought-resistant plants that have adapted well to dry, arid environments. They store water in their leaves, stems, or roots, and as a result, those areas on the plant may be fleshier, swollen, or more pronounced.

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Such thick parts of the plant may look peculiar or striking, making them an exciting  visual accent, like the ones we’re about to show you.

rainbow succulents in small pots

Called “Rainbow Succulents,” these little guys are the perfect addition to any home or garden.

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They’re called rainbow succulents particularly because they change color according to the season. Not only that, but they bloom green and then turn to pink, with the leaves fading gradually to lend a multicolor hue as the process takes place.

These beautiful colour patterns are unique and different for each individual plant, which makes them even more incredible! World of Succulents say that this variation of Echevaria is a variegated form of Echeveria “Perle Von Nurnberg.”

pink rainbow supplements

The look almost like there’s a reflection of water illuminated against their leaves in a iridescent pattern.

If you want to know the easiest way to take care of these plants, the most important thing is that they don’t sit in water since that can encourage fungal diseases and rot. Also, ensure that you remove any dead leaves since they attract mealy bugs. Finally, make sure it gets plenty of light and it should be just fine.

If you want to grow your own rainbow succulent, there are seeds available online. Or, if you want one already grown, check out your local nursery or garden section of a homeware shop.

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