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8 Best Companion Plants For Cilantro

Cilantro is an incredibly popular herb in many culinary dishes, but did you know that it benefits from the company of certain plants in the garden? Companion planting is a great way to maximize the health and growth of your cilantro plants while also deterring pests. We will discuss the best companion plants to pair with cilantro to ensure a flourishing garden.

The best companion plants for cilantro

What should you plant with your cilantro? There are 8 common garden plants that have a beneficial relationship with cilantro. Try planting these in your cilantro patch.



Tomatoes are one of the best companion plants for cilantro due to their ability to repel pests that can harm cilantro. They release a chemical called solanine, which deters insects from attacking cilantro. Tomatoes also provide shade to the cilantro plants, helping to protect them from the sun’s harsh rays. Additionally, the deep roots of tomatoes can help to provide nutrients and water to nearby cilantro plants, increasing their chances of survival. Finally, tomatoes and cilantro are both members of the same plant family, so they naturally tend to grow well together. For these reasons, tomatoes are an excellent companion plant for cilantro.



Beans are known for their ability to fix nitrogen into the soil, which cilantro needs to grow healthy and strong. They also provide a natural form of mulch around the cilantro, helping to keep the soil moist and retain its nutrients. Beans also act as a natural pest repellent when planted near cilantro, reducing the need to use chemical pesticides. The beans also provide a natural shade for the cilantro, helping to protect it from the heat of the sun. All in all, beans are an ideal companion plant for cilantro, providing all the necessary elements for a healthy, thriving crop.



Spinach makes an excellent companion plant for cilantro in the garden. This veggie can provide shade and protection from the sun for cilantro, helping it to thrive and remain healthy. The spinach also acts as a living mulch, retaining moisture and preventing weeds from taking over the garden. Additionally, it deters pests such as aphids and thrips from attacking cilantro, which can be especially beneficial for organic gardens. Finally, spinach has the benefit of fixing nitrogen in the soil, which provides extra nutrients for the cilantro and other plants in the garden. All in all, spinach is an excellent companion plant for cilantro, providing many benefits and helping to create a thriving and healthy garden.



Basil is a great companion plant for cilantro. Not only does basil provide a pleasing aroma and aesthetic to any garden, but it also helps cilantro thrive. Basil repels pests that commonly feed on cilantro, such as aphids, thrip, and whiteflies, helping to keep cilantro healthy and free of disease. Additionally, basil helps to improve the flavor of cilantro by releasing volatile organic compounds that enhance the flavor of surrounding plants. Lastly, basil provides shade to cilantro, which can help protect it from the harsh rays of the sun and keep it from wilting or drying out during the hotter months. By planting basil alongside cilantro, gardeners can rest assured that their cilantro will stay healthy and vibrant.



Mint and cilantro are a match made in heaven when it comes to companion planting. Not only do the two plants look beautiful together in a garden, but they also help each other thrive. Mint naturally repels pests that might otherwise damage cilantro, and cilantro helps keep mint from taking over your garden. The two plants also require similar water and sunlight needs, making them a great low-maintenance pairing. Mint’s fragrant aroma adds an extra layer of protection for cilantro, which can help to keep bugs away. With its robust flavor and unique scent, mint makes a great companion plant for cilantro, providing a beautiful and practical garden combination.


Jalapeno Peppers

Jalapeno peppers make great companion plants for cilantro because they both thrive in warm and sunny climates, and they both benefit from frequent watering. Not only that, but the spicy smell of jalapeno peppers can act as a natural insect repellant, protecting cilantro from pests. In addition, jalapenos can also help to increase the soil’s fertility, allowing cilantro to absorb more nutrients. Finally, the two plants have a complementary flavor that can really elevate a dish when used together. For these reasons, jalapeno peppers are an excellent companion plant for cilantro.



Onions and cilantro make a great companion planting combination due to the way they complement each other. They are also known to be good pest repellent, and they also help to retain moisture in the soil, making them an ideal partner for cilantro, which tends to dry out quickly in dry conditions. The onion’s pungent aroma also helps to mask the scent of the cilantro, making it less attractive to pests. Furthermore, both onions and cilantro are hardy plants that require little maintenance, making them an ideal pairing for a busy gardener.



Yarrow is an excellent companion plant for cilantro, as it benefits the cilantro in several ways. It can help repel insect pests, as its strong smell deters them from nearby plants. It also attracts beneficial pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, which help to pollinate the cilantro. Additionally, yarrow has properties that can help to improve the soil’s nutrient content, making it a great addition to any garden. Lastly, as yarrow is an aromatic plant, it helps to mask the strong smell of cilantro, making it more pleasant to be around. All of these qualities make yarrow an ideal companion for cilantro.

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