white lotus - a flower that represents rebirth

8 Flowers that Represent Peace

Flowers have long been used to express feelings and emotions, and many types of flowers symbolize peace. These flowers represent different sides of peace, from calmness and tranquility to harmony and balance. Each flower has its unique symbolism and history, and we wanted to bring you a list of 8 flowers that represent peace. Whether you’re looking to spread a message of peace or simply decorate your home with something that brings peace to your mind, these beautiful blooms are sure to bring a sense of tranquility and harmony.

Flowers that Symbolize Peace

The flowers listed below can stand for many ideas and represent many intentions. We will be focusing on how they represent the different facets of peace.



lavender in a pot

Lavender flowers are often associated with peace and tranquility due to their calming, soothing scent. Studies have shown that the aroma of lavender can help reduce stress and anxiety, which is why it made the list. Lavender is used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation and restful sleep. Its beautiful purple hues serve as a reminder that one can find quiet even amid the noise.


Peace Lillies

peace lily blooms

Peace lilies are known for their white blossoms which symbolize purity, innocence, and harmony. The large leaves of the peace lily also represent renewal and growth, while its deep roots signify strength and resilience. This flower brings bring beauty to any space while being easy to care for. In Christian viewpoints, these plants are associated with the eternal.


Lotus Flowers

white lotus - a flower that represents rebirth

Lotus flowers have a strong international following that dates back centuries. In many cultures around the world, lotus flowers represent purity, rebirth, and spiritual enlightenment. Its beautiful blooms emerge from the murky waters to show us that even in dark times we can find beauty and strength within ourselves to overcome. In addition to their symbolic significance, lotuses also bring life and color to any space by providing bright colors on the water’s surface.



african violet

Violets are most associated with peace, devotion, and healing. This association goes back to the ancient Romans. They believed that this perennial flower represented peace in the afterlife. Violet is also the color of the crown(Sahasrara) chakra, that governs enlightenment and consciousness. Violets represent the peace we find through mental clarity.



pink peony flowers

Peony flowers can grow to be up to 10 in wide and come in many colors. The beautiful, delicate blooms of the peony bring beauty to any space while reminding us that we can find inner peace in even the most chaotic times. In addition to their calming presence, peonies also carry symbolic meanings such as strength, resilience, renewal, and growth.



cosmos flowering in a field

White cosmos are beautiful flowers with long white petals reaching the sun. It is a simple and elegant flower that carries symbolic meanings such as renewal, growth, purity, innocence, and harmony. With its tranquil color and strong symbolism, cosmos bring elegance and calm to its setting.


Apple Blossoms

crabapple flowers

Apple blossoms delicate blooms only in spring, carrying with it the hope of new beginnings. They are often confused with cherry blossoms, as they look alike and bloom at the same time. This flower precedes the apple fruit, which confirms its symbolism being tied specifically to peaceful beginnings or transfers.


White Poppies

Among poppies, the color of the flower changes the symbolic meaning. White poppies are associated with peace in deference to conflict. The association is strong enough that they are worn at protests and rallies as a way to show strong disapproval of killing. White poppies got this meaning by covering many gravesites and battlefields, in Europe.

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