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12 Best Companion Plants For Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits, and they can be grown in a variety of gardens. Although they can be grown alone, they thrive when they are planted with companion plants. Companion planting is an old gardening technique that uses plants to benefit each other. The right companion plants can help protect strawberries from pests, provide support, and provide extra nutrition. This article will provide an overview of the best companion plants to use when companion planting strawberries.

The 12 best companion plants for strawberries

Growing companion plants with strawberries is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Firstly, companion plants can act as a natural form of pest control as some plants can deter pests from damaging your strawberry plants. Additionally, companion plants can provide additional nutrients to your soil which can help your strawberries grow more efficiently.


Companion plants can provide physical support to your strawberry plants, as some may grow tall and need support from other plants. Lastly, companion plants can also provide beneficial shade to your strawberry plants, reducing the amount of direct sunlight they receive and helping to prevent sunburn. All in all, companion plants are a great way to give your strawberries the best conditions for a successful harvest.



Catnip is an ideal companion plant for strawberries. Not only does catnip deter pests such as aphids and Japanese beetles, but it also attracts other helpful insects like ladybugs and lacewings. Which feed on the pests. Furthermore, catnip improves the soil by releasing essential nutrients. Such as nitrogen, and increasing the soil’s organic matter content. This ensures that the strawberry plants get the proper nutrition they need to thrive. As a bonus, catnip also has a pleasant aroma that can help repel certain pests and attract beneficial insects. Catnip is a great companion plant for strawberries and should be planted near them for maximum benefit.



Thyme is an excellent companion plant for strawberries. It acts as a natural pest repellent and helps to keep harmful insects away from the strawberry plants. It also helps to keep the soil moist and aerated which helps the strawberry plants to thrive. The fragrant aroma of thyme also helps to mask the scent of the strawberries, making it difficult for birds and other animals to locate them. Finally, the shallow roots of the thyme plant help to keep the soil temperature cool, which is beneficial for the growth of the strawberry plants. All in all, thyme is a great companion plant for strawberries.



Caraway is a great companion plant for strawberries. It helps to repel harmful insects that can damage strawberry plants, while also attracting beneficial pollinators like bees and butterflies. Caraway also helps to keep the soil moist and can even improve the flavor of the strawberries. Caraway’s deep roots can help to loosen compacted soil and provide a better-growing environment for the strawberry roots. This makes it an ideal companion for the strawberry plants, as it offers a combination of benefits that can help to keep the plants healthy and productive.



Chives are a great companion plant for strawberries. Not only do they look beautiful paired together in the garden, but they can help keep pests away and provide nutrients to the soil. Chives release a scent that repels harmful insects like aphids, while their deep roots help aerate the soil and make it easier for the strawberry roots to spread. They also provide nitrogen and other essential nutrients that help keep the strawberry plants healthy. Planting chives near strawberry plants is an easy way to create a lush and thriving strawberry patch.



Dill is a great companion plant for strawberries, as it can help keep away trouble-making pests like aphids and spider mites. Planting dill near strawberry beds also helps attract beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewings that feed on the pests, further protecting the strawberries. Dill also has a tall, leafy structure that helps form a natural barrier around the strawberry bed, shielding the plants from strong winds and the intense sunlight that can cause sunburn. Lastly, dill is a great companion plant for strawberries because it can help improve the flavor of the strawberries by releasing its own sweet aroma into the surrounding air.



Sage is a great companion plant for strawberries. When planted together, sage helps to repel pests that can damage the strawberry plants. The strong aroma of the sage also helps to mask the scent of the strawberries, making it more difficult for pests to find them. Sage can also help to improve the soil quality and drainage around the strawberry plants, ensuring that the strawberries have access to optimal growing conditions. Finally, sage is an attractive and aromatic addition to any garden, adding a lovely fragrance and color to the area. These benefits make sage the perfect companion plant for strawberry plants.



Borage is an excellent companion plant for strawberries since it helps to increase pollination and repel pests. Its bright blue flowers attract beneficial insects, like bees and butterflies, which help pollinate the strawberry plants, increasing their yield. Borage also produces a natural chemical that repels harmful insects, such as aphids and cabbage loopers, that can damage strawberry plants. Furthermore, borage’s large, hairy leaves provide a physical barrier to some of these pests. It’s an easy-to-grow, drought-tolerant plant that is well-suited for growing alongside strawberries.



Beans are a great companion plant for strawberries and can help increase their yield. They provide great nitrogen-rich mulch, which helps enrich the soil and increase soil fertility. Beans also act as a natural weed suppressant, which helps to keep the weeds away from the strawberry plants. Additionally, beans can act as a living fence, providing a physical barrier to keep away animals and pests. Beans and strawberries make a great combination, providing both nutritional benefits and a physical barrier to protect and nurture the strawberry plants.


Spinach is an excellent companion plant for strawberries. It grows quickly and provides plenty of shade for delicate strawberry plants. Its shallow roots also create a protective barrier against weeds and other pests. Additionally, spinach exudes a saponin compound that repels certain pests, making it a great natural pesticide. This compound also helps to enrich the soil, making it perfect for strawberry plants. Spinach also provides essential nutrients and organic matter to the soil, which helps to promote the healthy growth of the strawberry plants. Therefore, planting spinach alongside strawberry plants is a great way to naturally improve the health of the strawberry plants.


Clovers are a great companion plant for strawberries, as they can provide many benefits to the overall health of your strawberry patch. Clovers offer nitrogen-fixing properties, which means they can help replenish the soil with essential nutrients and minerals needed for healthy strawberry growth. Clovers also help to prevent soil erosion, which can be a major issue in areas with frequent rainfall. Furthermore, clovers can help to shade the soil and deter weeds, providing a more hospitable environment for our strawberry plants. Finally, clovers attract beneficial insects such as ladybugs, which can help to keep pests away from your strawberry patch.


Peas are great companion plants for strawberries. They share many of the same soil and moisture requirements, and their shallow root systems complement each other well. Peas also provide a great source of nitrogen, which helps strawberries to grow strong and healthy. Additionally, the height of pea vines provides a natural shade for the strawberry plants, helping to protect them from the sun. Peas also attract beneficial insects that pollinate the strawberry flowers, which helps to increase yields. As a result, planting strawberries and peas together is an excellent way to maximize the health and productivity of your garden.


Sage is a great companion plant for strawberries. It produces an aroma that deters pests, such as aphids and slugs, from attacking your strawberry plants. It also helps to improve the flavor of strawberries when planted near them. Additionally, sage grows well in the same conditions as strawberries, such as full sun and well-drained soil. By utilizing sage as a companion plant for your strawberries, you can reap the benefits of a pest-free, flavorful crop.

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