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Gardening Subreddits: 14 Of The Best Ones To Follow

Finding a good gardening forum can be a little bit tricky. A lot of the time, these forums are seldom used and are filled with unvetted information. This is one of the reasons why I like to turn to Reddit forums, called “subreddits,” for information, discussion, and inspiration. Subreddits have the advantage of the upvote/downvote feature, meaning good information typically rises to the top, while bad information is pushed down. These are 10 of the best gardening subreddits to follow.

14 Reddit Gardening Groups To Join

There are tons of different Reddit gardening groups out there to choose from. The following are 14 of the best and most active Reddit gardening groups around that will help you hone your gardening skills.


The subreddit r/WhatIsThisPlant was created to help people identify unknown plants. Users are allowed to post an unidentified plant and ask for help identifying it as well as provide answers to others. Along with identifications, users frequently leave additional useful information for the submitter. Incorrect identification tends to be “downvoted” making most of the top-level comments high quality and informative.


The subreddit r/Permaculture is, you guessed it, all about permaculture! Permaculture, which is a shortened version of the term Permanent Culture is an ecological design system developed in Australia by David Holmgren and Bill Mollison. It is a system that works with the environment, not against it, to achieve goals like garden resilience, reducing waste, and creatively responding to change. The community is there to help answer questions about permaculture and provide creative ideas. This subreddit is a great place to start if you want to turn your property into an ecological oasis.


The subreddit r/Preppers isn’t focused solely on gardening, but “prepping” as a general subject. This Reddit gardening and survival preparedness forum describes itself as “a place to share information on emergency preparedness as it relates to disasters both natural and man-made.” r/Preppers excludes discussion about politics, current events, and religion, which makes it an awesome neutral space for individuals of various beliefs and backgrounds. Racism, bigotry, hate, and condoning violence are also strictly prohibited by the subreddit’s moderation team. Everyone should feel at home in this subreddit.


The subreddit r/BackyardChickens is all about how to properly care for and keep chickens in your backyard. The community of over 324,000 Redditors celebrates and supports other backyard chicken keepers and helps provide good information on common ailments and problems for backyard chickens. There are also tons of cute chicken photos and videos, so a great time killer even if you don’t have a specific question or need.


The subreddit r/Flowers focuses on the more ornate and pretty aspects of gardening: flowers. r/Flowers is a great place to go to kill time, look at some flowers, and gain new knowledge about flower gardening. Like r/WhatIsThisPlant, you can request help with identifying unknown flowers on this subreddit. If you’re wanting to improve your flower game overall, this is the right community to join.


The subreddit r/Homesteading is all about bringing the concept of homesteading to life for people all over the world. According to the subreddit, homesteading is broadly defined as a lifestyle of self-sufficiency that includes gardening, livestock, food preservation, hunting, raising animals, frugality, woodworking, and everything in between. It’s your ultimate go-to for self-sufficiency.


This one is the quintessential Reddit gardening group. The subreddit r/Gardening is a must-follow if you’re a gardener browsing Reddit. It’s one of the ultimate gardening subreddits dedicated to providing the best guides, pictures, and discussions of everything related to gardening and plant care. The subreddit is a trove of information. If you have a specific question, use the search feature (which is admittedly hit or miss on Reddit) to find other threads on the subject you want to learn more about.


Some like it hot, which makes the Reddit gardening page r/HotPeppers a great resource for folks wanting to learn more about spicy hot peppers. The subreddit is a place to go to talk to other hot pepper lovers, learn more about growing hot peppers, and sharing photos of your hot pepper plants. All things spicy can be found in r/HotPeppers.


I love eating and growing berry plants, which makes the subreddit r/Berries an excellent resource for learning more about berries – how to grow them, how to can them, and common issues associated with berry growing.

We hope you found our list of awesome gardening subreddits helpful! There are countless more to choose from, so do some searching around and subscribe to all that you find useful.


The farming subreddit r/Farming is all about one thing: farming! It is a community to share any news and information about farming, the production of food, agriculture, land use, and other related topics. It is an active community of more than 82,000 farmers and people interested in farming, and is overall a great subreddit to join if you’re getting into gardening – even if you don’t have a huge farm.


If it weren’t for fungus, you wouldn’t have a garden! Fungi play an important part in the overall health of the planet, and your garden, and the myco-enthusiasts at the subreddit r/Mycology are all about it. This subreddit is dedicated to the love of fungi, from hunting to foraging, cultivating and consumption. r/Mycology is an excellent spot to learn more about growing mushrooms in your garden and much much more.


We’ve written about a lot of succulents on The Garden Magazine, like pink succulents, jellyfish succulents, and my favorite – mermaid tail succulents. Succulents are an awesome, hardy houseplant that are typically easy to grow, and the folks over at r/Succulents love them. The over 460,000 members of the subreddit show up to talk about anything and everything succulents, including photos, art, growing tips, and selling and trading succulents. Check it out!


Addressing a big problem in gardening and ecology as a whole, r/InvasiveSpecies is a community that helps gardeners identify and deal with invasive species, many of which are plants. The subreddit identifies an invasive species as “an organism not native to a specific location, with a sustained population and which damages the environment, human economy and/or human health.” They go on to note that it’s an important topic “since many organisms, especially island populations, are threatened or already extinct at the hands of these noxious invaders.”

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